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Michael Martinez-Colon, puerto rico, tropical, foraminifera, forams, foram, geology, micropaleontology, FAMU, Puerto Rico, environmental, Ammonia, A. beccariia


Dr. Martínez-Colón's laboratory is located in room 315, FSHSRC building and is fully equipped to perform foraminiferal, microplastic, and heavy metal research.

Some gadgets that we have:

fume hood

furnace for Loss-on-ignition (TOC and CO3)

Presens microsensors for foraminiferal culture work

Meiji and Olympus binocular microscopes (4)

Meiji trinocular microscope (1)

Zeiss epifluorescence microscope with video camera (1)

Zeiss Axio Observer inverted fluorescent microscope (1)

metal sieves for dry/wet sieving

plastic sieves for heavy metal dry sieving

plastic and teflon foraminiferal culture devices

environmental chambers for foraminiferal culture work

sea water filtration system

push coring equipment

core extruder

field porewater extraction instruments

microplastic gravity separator

foraminiferal taxonomy books

Dr. Martínez-Colón's laboratory collaborates and shares equipment with Dr. Ashvini Chauhan's Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory for microbiome work (e.g., gene sequencer, etc.) and the School of the Environment's Core Research Laboratory for heavy metal analysis instrumentation (e.g., ICP-OES, Hg-analyzer, etc.).

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