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Michael Martinez-Colon, puerto rico, tropical, foraminifera, forams, foram, geology, micropaleontology, FAMU, Puerto Rico, environmental, Ammonia, A. beccariia


* not FAMU student
^ successfully defended

Benjamin Shirey

Thesis Title: Benthic foraminifer and microbes as pollution bioindicators.

Gabriella L. Lirio

Thesis Title: Temporal effects of ocean acidification on reef-dwelling foraminifera

Demarcus Turner

Thesis Title: Validating a Model of Microplastic Hotspots from Apalachicola Watershed to Apalachicola Bay

Lexa Medero-Hernández

Thesis Title: Foraminifera and its microbial endobionts 

Angelique Rosa-Marín

Thesis Title: FORAM Index and coral reefs from Jobos Bay-Puerto Rico


*/^ Bryan O'Malley (University of South Florida-St. Petersburg, FL; committee member)

Thesis Title: Development of the Foram-AMBI for the Gulf  of Mexico

*/^ Laurinda K. McEachern (University of South Florida-St. Petersburg, FL; committee member)

Thesis Title: Spatial and temporal levels of microplastics in Tampa Bay surface waters

*/^ Ashley Huber (University of South Florida-St. Petersburg, FL; co-major advisor)

Thesis Title: Trophic transfer of persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals in fiddler crabs from Jobos Bay-Puerto Rico


Christian Gfatter (Florida State University; committee member)

Dissertation Title: Redox sensitive trace metal analyses of foraminiferal calcite to better constrain ancient hypoxic marine environments

Margarette Bayrón-Arcelay

Dissertation Title: It takes two to tango: foraminifera and bacteria as bioindicators of estuarine health in tropical/subtropical environments.


*/^ Akram El-Kateb (University of Fribourg, Switzerland; committee member and external expert)

Dissertation Title: Lesser Syrtis (South of Tunisia): Phosphate industry contamination assessment using a multidisciplinary environments.


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