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Michael Martinez-Colon, puerto rico, tropical, foraminifera, forams, foram, geology, micropaleontology, FAMU, Puerto Rico, environmental, Ammonia, A. beccariia

Dr. Olugbenga T. Fajemila (Osum State University) is leading this research effort as part of this postdoctoral experience in Switzerland. The main goal is to implement the use of benthic foraminifera as a low cost bioindicator tool in Nigeria for the first time. Biotic data will be compared with pollutants to assess the level of environmental health in Apapa-Lagos coastal creeks.

Osun State University (Nigeria)

- Dr. Olugbenga T. Fajemila (PI)

University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

- Dr. Silvia Spezzaferri

Florida A&M University

- Dr. Michael Martínez-Colón


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