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Michael Martinez-Colon, puerto rico, tropical, foraminifera, forams, foram, geology, micropaleontology, FAMU, Puerto Rico, environmental, Ammonia, A. beccariia

The Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Ocean Institute is leading this research effort. The primary objective of this proposed research is to conduct incubations with natural sediments to examine the potential inherent resilience of benthic ecosystems due to their terrestrial mineral load. Several potential system perturbations will be explored in the laboratory, including hydrocarbon spill simulations and mineral deposition events, and several indicators will be examined, including sulfides, the health of organismal proxies (i.e. foraminifera), and heavy metal fractionation.

This project is funded by a fellow collaborartive NAS Gulf Research Program.

Florida Atlantic University

- Dr. Jordon Beckler (PI)

- Matthew Quinan (gradaute student)

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

- Dr. Christoph Aeppli (Co-PI)

Florida A&M University

- Dr. Michael Martínez-Colón (Co-PI)

- Ivory Council (graduate student)


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